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    Default Car Seller Didn't Hold Title

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Texas
    I purchased a truck from an private party. I got a bill of sale and the title to the truck. However, when I went the next day to register the truck I was told I could not because the person I bought the truck from did not title it in his name before selling it to me. I stopped payment on my check and contacted the seller and told him that I had stopped payment. I wanted my check back and to come pick up his truck. He states he deposited the check at his bank. He has not answered my text or phone calls to come and get his truck. What do I do now? I did run the vin and it is not stolen.

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    Default Re: Unclean Title

    You get him to give you the money back in exchange for the return of the truck, or you sue him and hope to get the money.

    We don't have enough facts to determine if a crime was committed; if there was a criminal act you may want to make a police report.

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