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    Default Applying for Another Visa After a Denial

    My boyfriend is Malaysian and about 15 years ago his mom applied for a tourist visa for the two of them to come to the States (his parents are married, but separated). They were going to go on vacation with my boyfriend's uncle, aunt and cousins. Their visa was denied and of course they were not given an explanation why. I assume it was because they thought she was trying to get into the USA with her son and stay there. This was not their intention of course since they just wanted to go on vacation with their relatives and were really disappointed that they couldn't go when their relatives could.

    My boyfriend and I both live in Canada, but I am American and we want to get married in the US and eventually move there together. I am very scared that they will reject his mom's visa again and she will never be able to visit us. She frequently comes to Canada to visit us and her sisters who live here, so she has no problem getting tourist visas here. Do you think they would give her a visa if she was coming for our wedding? Or to visit her son who has a green card (once we get married)?

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    Default Re: Applying for Another Visa After a Denial

    We don't have any meaningful information to work with. If somebody believes that they were denied entry out of concern that they intended to overstay, they can attempt to document their ties to their nation of origin - the prepaid return ticket, leases, jobs, bank accounts, etc. - anything that might show an actual intention to return home, and present that documentation if needed.

    If the immigration officer made a notation in her passport, that may be helpful in figuring out the basis for the denial of entry.

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