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    Default J1 to H1B - When is a Green Card Possible

    Hi my question is a little roundabout I came here on an J1 visa to complete my residency
    a year before completing it I got married to a US citizen but he could not file for my
    green card due to waiver required and I got a job in an under served area and transferred
    to a H1 but as that required moving and my husband did not move with me and our relationship
    turned sour if we do get divorced will hurt my chances of getting a green card ?
    Currently my husband does not work can he sue me for palimony ?

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    Default Re: J1 to H1B - When is a Green Card Possible

    Since you have not applied and appear not to have a spouse willing to sponsor you, your best chance at a green card is with employer sponsorship. File for a divorce; alimony is not generally an issue for a short term marriage. Remaining married does nothing for you at this time but make you possibly liable for his debts depending on the laws that apply in your home state and the manner in which the debts are incurred.

    The fact you are more interested in a green card than your marriage is very telling.

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