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    Default U.S. Citizenship and Continuous Residency Requirement

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? KS

    I am ready to apply for US citizenship. I had 3 travel outside US during last 5 years. First 2 were personal trip to visit family and lasted only 3 week each. But last trip was at the request of my US employer (while abroad I was still employed in US and geting US pay) and was suppose to last only 4 months. However, after going abroad I feel sick and was geting treated abroad. Couldn't come back to US for 7 months. What are my chances of getting approved for US citizenship?? This 7 month trip is recent (July 2011 to Feb 2012)

    While I was abroad, I had my family travel with me and I didn't have any house in US. BUt I did have my financial assets here and was getting paid by US company in USD. Was employed as US company's employee

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    Default Re: U.S. Citizenship: Continuous Residency

    In order to apply, you must have maintained physical presence in the US for 30 months out of the previous 60 months, and continuous residence for 60 months from the date of the granting of your LPR status.

    Given that you maintained US employment while you were abroad, you should be fine. You might consider waiting a couple months to apply, just to be on the safer side.
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