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    Unhappy Can Filing Bankruptcy Help With House Payments

    My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: new york

    I have no credit card debt.Have been unemployed for over 1 year,unemployment runs out soon.My wife works part time seasonal,makes @$400/mnth.Payments I make are for food,utilities and mortgage.Presently not behind on mortgage;Putting home for sale in two weeks.
    After unemployment runs out ,I won't be able to pay the mortgage.Have been thru a forebearance agreement with the bank ,they won't help any more.How can Bankruptcy help me ?

    Thank You

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    Default Re: Can Filing Bankruptcy Help With House Payments

    What do you hope to accomplish?

    If you want to try to keep the home, and could make payments but for the fact that you owe considerably more than the house is worth, talk to a lawyer about Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you can't make your house payments no matter what, because you have no income, a bankruptcy is not going to change that.

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    Default Re: Can Filing Bankruptcy Help With House Payments

    Bankruptcy attorneys is to guide potential bankruptcy applicants through bankruptcy procedures and to act on their behalf in court. With the new amendments, good bankruptcy attorneys will also inform their clients about why certain legal loopholes no longer exist.


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