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    Red face Suspension For Failure to Pay a Fix-It Ticket on a Borrowed Vehicle

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: California

    I was in CA about a year ago driving my then girlfriend's truck. I was pulled over by CHP and issued a "fix it ticket" for tint on the front windows. My Ex said that she had received a similar ticket the week prior and had planned to remove the tint. I left her with my ticket and returned home to Arizona. As often happens, the relationship did not last and she did not resolve the ticket, in my opinion, out of spite but that's a topic for a different forum

    I was pulled over a week ago and informed that my license had been suspended due to a failure to appear and a failure to pay in California FOR A DAMNED TINT TICKET?!

    I've read of similar incidences on other forums and, from what I understand, the officer should have issued the ticket to the registered owner of the car. Is this correct? Again, that's just what I believe from the information I have currently.

    With all proper respect, I can do without the stock answers.

    Please advise...

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    Default Re: Susp. Due to Window Tint Fix It Ticket on Another's Car

    You received a ticket and failed to resolve it, that is why your license was suspended. You need to contact the court and resolve the issue.
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    Default Re: Suspension For Failure to Pay a Fix-It Ticket on a Borrowed Vehicle

    a driver is responsible for the vehicle they are driving.

    beyond that, if issued a ticket, ignoring it is different than arguing you should not have gotten the ticket since you are not the vehicle owner. You failed to deal with the ticket you were issued so your license was suspended. Leaving it for another party to deal with was obviously not the best route to take.

    I would suggest contacting the California courts to see how to resolve your ticket.

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