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    Default Reinstating a Driver's License Suspended Over Out-of State OVI

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: MI, OH


    I am originally from Michigan, and have (up until recently) carried a Michigan drivers license. I attended college in Ohio for four years and got a job nearby (in Ohio) immediately after. A little over a year after graduating, I received an OVI, while still carrying my Michigan license, driving a car with Michigan plates.

    On the Ohio BMV website, I can't find any information that refers to a scenario such as this, but for a license reinstatement, it indicates that they need 1) Full completion of the suspension (2 weeks away), 2) Reinstatement fee paid in full (check) and 3) Proof of insurance (just got new insurance, waiting for the proof to come). Because I am getting an Ohio license for the first time, does that add any other prerequisites to getting my license reinstated?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Reinstating a Driver's License Suspended Over Out-of State OVI

    If the MI license was suspended, you need to get the MI suspension lifted. Once that is done, you can get an OH license.
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    Default Re: Reinstating a Driver's License Suspended Over Out-of State OVI

    Once your Michigan license is fully restored (and it looks like you know what that will take) the suspension should not be an impediment to your application for a new license in Ohio. I'm assuming that your conviction occurred in Michigan - if your conviction and suspension occurred in Ohio, you would also have to fulfill that state's conditions to reinstate your driving privileges before they'll issue you a license - that typically means paying a reinstatement fee (even though your suspension was based on an out-of-state license).

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    Default Re: Reinstating a Driver's License Suspended Over Out-of State OVI

    The conviction occurred in Ohio. That makes sense. Thank you, Mr. Knowitall.

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