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    Exclamation Ex-Doesnt Agree to Move Out

    My question involves a relationship in the state of Georgia.
    Relationship ended. We are on the lease together, I agreed to release him off the lease and pay his portion of the deposit back to him. Refuses to leave by the 1 st of the month. Not mentioning paying rent. Originally agreed in the presence of police that he will remove his possessions from the house as of the first of the month. I went to landlord,signed release form and left money order for his half of deposit. He said he doesn't have a proof cause landlord hasn't texted him back. I have copies of release paper and money order. What do I do? I don't want to break lease and don't want to move out. He states he will not release me from the lease.

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    As a named tenant on the lease, he doesn't have to leave if he doesn't want to. It doesn't matter that you have agreed to release him from the lease - if he doesn't agree, you can't make him leave.

    If he doesn't pay rent, you're responsible to do so, and you'll have to sue him in small claims court for it later, unless your landlord chooses to get involved. Keep in mind that if you pull your landlord into it, he may well evict both of you and wash his hands of the situation entirely. Your options are to stick it out til the end of the lease, or move out and continue to pay your share of the rent for your current place. (One way or another, you'll be held responsible for it.)
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