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    Default Property Damage from Snow Removal

    My question involves a condominium located in the State of: MASSACHUSETTS

    Last year our condo trust hired a contractor to remove snow from the roof of the association's buildings. The snow was dumped from the roof (common property) onto the back decks (common property) of some of the unit owners. Although the deck is common property, the sliding door leading to the deck is my personal property. A heavy pile of snow and ice was left on the decks for 3-5 days after the roof work, which pushed up against my door, causing damage. Several unit owners including myself were forced to call the local fire department before management eventually cleared the decks. Every unit owner was later assessed for the common expense of the snow removal, and my share has been paid in full.

    The sliding door in question had only been installed a few months prior to this incident. I have since reached out to the contractor who installed it, and they provided me with a quote to repair the damage caused by the extreme pressure of the snow and ice against my door. Before I send a demand letter for restitution, I want to be sure who is legally responsible. I know that an independent contractor was the party who dumped the snow against my door, but only at the sole direction of the trustees and/or property manager. Should I be demanding relief from the trust or the contractor? I am inclined to believe that since I have no mercantile relationship with the contractor, the trust is where I should be directing my attention. Thank you for reading.

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    Default Re: Property Damage

    Did you not go through an extensive discussion on this last month?

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    Default Re: Property Damage from Snow Removal

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    Default Re: Property Damage from Snow Removal

    I don't see how that thread has any relevance to this post, but I shouldn't expect anything less from this useless community. No problem though, I already got a real answer from a much better site that isn't just a collection of forum trolls racking up post counts

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