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    Default Agreed on Purchasing a Car, Seller of the Car is Backing Out

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: California

    On Sunday, I met up with somebody to buy a car and we mutually agreed on the price of $9450. I was going to pay with a personal check, but he wouldn't accept it. He said cash or cashier's check only. So we agreed on a cashier's check and since monday was a holiday we agreed to do the exchange on Wed, 2/22. I did not leave a deposit, but I told him I was positive I was going to buy the car and that I would not back out on him. Both of us agreed on the time, date, and price and shook hands before we left. I also send him texts asking him what name to put on the cashier's check and what day to deliver the vehicle. He just now texts me that he doesn't want to sell the car for a loss, and is no longer willing to sell the car to me. As far as I understand, our verbal contract is as good as a written one. There was absolutely no ambiguity in our verbal contract.
    I guess after giving him some time to talk it over with his wife, he did not want to sell the car at a loss and decided to back out on the sale.

    What can I do?

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    Default Re: Agreed on Purchasing a Car, Seller of the Car is Backing Out

    Look for a new car. Really .. you cannot prove to a court a verbal contract. So, its not as good as a written contract. You should have asked about payment terms before you met him...this one got away. Look for another.

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    Default Re: Agreed on Purchasing a Car, Seller of the Car is Backing Out

    Nothing. You did not give consideration to seal the contract. Had you given a deposit, you could potentially have recourse.
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    Default Re: Agreed on Purchasing a Car, Seller of the Car is Backing Out

    If you believe you can prove in court both that you had a binding contract and that the car was worth more than you were paying, small claims court awaits. If you cannot prove a contract, or the sale was for market value, it's time to move on with your life.

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