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    Default Fence Line Issues in Michigan

    Hello All, I am looking for some insight into handling a dispute with our neighbor. My fiance and I moved into our house a little over a year ago. We live on a main road with a newer sub behind us. Our neighbor next to us and I share a common rear property line with a property in the sub behind us. The lady next to us has had a fence around her yard for sometime, and we recently decided to put a fence up built up off of hers. She is a wonderful person and has no problems with this. However the guy behind us does. I went to the city and got a site layout, and instructions on how to measure out the boundaries. I staked off our lot and proceeded to start digging post holes. halfway through the guy behind us came out to voice concern over the boundary line. I explained to him how I measured and that I found where the stakes were in the ground. As it was his sprinkler system was encroaching on the boundary. He didn't believe me and claimed he had his lot surveyed and that I was over the line. He didn't seem to be too concerned and was more worried that we would damage his sprinkler system, which he offered to move back! He also has a problem with our next door neighbor whose fence actually does go about a foot or so into his yard. He has since had his site re-surveyed and claims half of my fence is in his yard and threw a fit when I removed the stake that my dog decided to chew on. His "survey" is clearly over the line set by the original property stake, and our lot was layed out well before his subdivision. He has threatened our neighbor and I with his attorney and forced payment for his survey. I am going to have our lot surveyed but I know he will dispute it and want to drag this out in court, and as he is a city official I feel it will be interesting. He has harassed us a few times and left letters on our doors. I am considering filing a complaint with either the local police or sheriffs dept so we have something on record, or would that be a bad idea?
    Thank You for any input.

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    Default Re: Fence Line Issues in Michigan

    First of all it is illegal to remove a boundary marker. If it was a corner set by a surveyor you need to leave it alone. The next thing you need to do is to get your own survey done. Overlapping surveys are common.

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    Default Re: Fence Line Issues in Michigan

    As far as I know the property marker is in the ground next to the fence post. I'm getting a survey done asap and if it overlaps will mine stand since our property lines were set before his? And as far as our local ord. go, the fence is allowed to be on the property line.


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