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    Default Legalities of Selling Car Without Title

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: South Carolina

    My 2001 Grand Prix was purchased August 2009 from Garden City Auto Sales for $5500 with $2000 down. The car was financed by John Doe (private hard money financing 843-249-3491). I requested they transfer the plates from my 99 Audi. When I went to pay the taxes I was told the car was not titled to me. I contacted the dealership who said they would look into it and get back to me, a week later I called again and they said I would have to speak to John Doe’s offce. I contacted John Does’s office and advised them of the situation. During the summer of 2010 I wanted to sell the vehicle, but obviously couldn’t so instead I had to put over $1,000 into the car.

    Long story short the car was just titled to me in June of 2011, 22 months after the initial purchase . I stopped making payments on the vehicle September 2010 because I wanted to give them some incentive to actually get the vehicle legally titled to me. At that time I owed a balance of $1230.00, however did not resume making payment when the title was straightened out because I was going to look into my legal options. I was told since they financed a vehicle without a title that I have legal recourse. Now I have been told the payoff is almost $1600.00, the vehicle is not worth that.

    From what information I obtained during this mess, no one had a title! The car dealer never had the title which means the finance company never even saw a title when they financed the vehicle. I actually stopped driving the car for quite awhile because I could not obtain legal tags. I started contacting John Doe's office in June of 2010 after repeated calls to Garden City Auto sales (who went out of business June 2010) I called them every week or so for months. I had been told by the County tax office that there was nothing I could do to obtain the title it had to be requested by the lien holder.

    Please help! This car is barely worth anything anymore. What am I legally obligated to pay?

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    Default Re: Legalities of Selling Car Without Title

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    What am I legally obligated to pay?
    Your contracted debt. From your statement, that would appear to be about $1600.
    I am not an attorney and any advice is not to be construed as legal advice. You might even want to ignore my advice. Actually, there are plenty of real attorneys that you might want to ignore as well.

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