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    Default How Can Someone File a Petition to Expunge for a Hit and Run Unattended

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: Washington. mom was charged with a hit and run nearly 17 years ago. It was dropped down to a hit and run unattended..but it's still on her record,and occasionally effects her to this day. She really wants to try to get it expunged, and she's NEVER been in any trouble since..but isn't sure how to do so. Can anyone tell me what forms she needs to fill out?

    Forms are here:

    She really, really can't afford a lawyer right we're going to see if she can do this her self.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: How Can Someone File a Petition to Expunge for a Hit and Run Unattended

    If your question is whether she is permitted to file for expungement without a lawyer, yes she is. What we cannot tell you is whether she is capable of effectively representing herself in court.

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    Default Re: How Can Someone File a Petition to Expunge for a Hit and Run Unattended

    Indeed, and thank you for the response. I was curious though..if someone could tell me which forms are needed for expungement. We may seek out a probono service if possible..but if someone could answer that it would be very helpful.

    The forms are here..but which ones are needed is the question.

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