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    Default Giving Temporary Custody to an Out of State Relative

    My question involves guardianship in the State of:North Carolina and Florida.My minor child is 17. We (my new husband and I) plan to move to NC. My son wants to attend his Senior year in a school in NC. My parents live in NC and would accept temporary custody so that he can be enrolled in school. We cant sell our house which is the only reason I would give temporary custody to anyone. My ex husband is in agreement with our son living with his grandparents in order to start school before we get there. My question is......what state do I petition temporary custody in? What do I need to do in order to expedite this process?
    Thanks in advance for any info!!!!

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    Default Re: Giving Temporary Custody to an Out of State Relative

    You can start by determining with the school district he would attend what they require. Will they admit him without charging tuition based upon a power of attorney, or must the grandparents obtain guardianship? You would also have to consider how that would affect his health insurance coverage - if he's somebody else's ward, he may lose his eligibility under your policy; you would need to check to see if he's eligible for coverage under his grandparents' insurance, and what would be required to establish that eligibility.

    Basic information on formal guardianships in North Carolina can be read here.

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