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    Default Repaying AFDC Debt Time Limit

    My question involves child support in the State of: California

    I have a 13 year old daughter. I never recieved cs nor filed on my own up until a year ago. Dad had been absent for 10 years.. no contact/cards nothing. To back up for a second I was on aide 10 years ago and in California the open a CS case. At that time when I seen him once, he beat me up because he got a letter stating he was already back 30k. I went to the DA and had the case closed for fear of my safety. I have a police report stating all this as well. I didnt file a R.O at that time either due to my own stupidity ( I was 17 at the time, still thinking I could "hold on for my daughter so she had a dad") . Well fast foward to today.. I filed for support/custody and all of a sudden he reappeared - 10 years later claiming he's changed. He agreed to giving me custody and agreed to no visits in court we'd let our daughter decide if she wanted to meet him or not. Now the cs is starting to become irregular, I go months at a time not hearing from him, he's not asked about my daughter at all as far as "talking points" on speaking to her ( he emails her ).And when my daughter emailed back to tell him she wasn't interested in meeting him right now she had a mom and dad ( Ive been married since she was small) he even emailed me to stop the support since she didnt want to talk to him. Right now on this current order he's behind 3000 and I give him credit he had been sending it on his own but I'm contemplating have the county enforce it since its getting more behind. I was told if I do that the County can come back and reopen the old case to collect the welfare debt. They see it as the "good cause" on why I closed it for my safety is no longer applicable since i'm requesting services from them. Is this true? and is there a time limit on them collecting this debt. I wasn't trying to screw this guys life up - he may be a poor excuse as far as being a dad but I dont hate him. i learned to forgive along time ago.. He cant hurt me anymore and my daughters old enough to make her own mind up as far as their relationship.

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    Default Re: Repaying AFDC Debt Time Limit

    If the county is not pursuing him for the money he owes to them because of your claimed fear, and you establish that you are no longer in fear of your ex-, why wouldn't they be able to collect the money they're owed?

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    Default Re: Repaying AFDC Debt Time Limit

    No thats fine - if they can collect collect it's not in my hands or my decision - but being that the case was 10 years old would that make it too old to collect for AFDC?

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    Default Re: Repaying AFDC Debt Time Limit

    California does not have a statuatory limit on collecting child support and or arrears. If there was a court order then they can go after him as long as they owed.

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