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    Default Father Agreed to Sign Over Parental Rights

    My question involves paternity law for the State of: Alabama.

    I'm a mother of a 5 month old daughter. Her father and I are splitting up, he has agreed to give up his parental rights. I don't want child support from him, I don't want anything to do with him, and we both decided it would be easier on us and better for our daughter for him to be out of the picture, since he is moving to Florida.
    How would he go about giving up his rights? Paternity has been established. His name is on her birth certificate. We aren't married and never were.

    Does there have to be a step-dad involved? Someone else willing to take up the fathers side of support? Or can I just be the sole guardian of her?

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    Default Re: Father Agreed to Sign Over Parental Rights

    He can't.

    In both AL and FL, an established parent can only voluntarily terminate their parental rights as part of a stepparent adoption.

    The State wants two parents to be responsible for a child.
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    Default Re: Father Agreed to Sign Over Parental Rights

    Doggie is right. If Dad doesn't want to exercise any parental rights, like visitation, he doesn't have to. If you choose not to pursue him for child support, he won't have to pay any. But if he's on her birth certificate, that's where he's staying, unless either someone else's DNA establishes them as the father, or unless you marry and your new hubby wants to adopt. If dad is willing to allow you to function as the sole guardian, then it's all good....but if you get hit by a bus, or if you apply for government aid, the state wants there to be a second parent to be responsible for the child.
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