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    Angry How Do I Fight a Criminal Trespassing Charge

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Ohio

    I was charged for criminal tresspassing when I put a envelope in my exhusbands
    mail box containing information on his sister in a nursing home. About a year ago
    I had to drop a note to him about filing bankrupsty because I have no phone number for
    him, his wife called police and had them call me and tell me I was not allowed on property. My exhusband told me after that, not to worry about dropping things off in mail box if need be. Recently I dropped off the letter about his sister, just left and his wife filed criminal tresspassing charges against me. How can I fight this charge and
    get it dismissed over putting a note addressed to exhusband in mail box causing
    no disturbance what so ever?

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    Default Re: How Do I Fight a Criminal Tresspassing Charge

    is the mailbox along the road or mounted on the house?

    You do know that it is illegal to place anything in a mailbox that has not had the proper postage purchased for it, don't you?

    Is there some reason you can't simply mail things to him?
    I am not an attorney and any advice is not to be construed as legal advice. You might even want to ignore my advice. Actually, there are plenty of real attorneys that you might want to ignore as well.

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    Default Re: How Do I Fight a Criminal Tresspassing Charge

    What's the background here? Are you the subject of a restraining order?

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