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    Default Towing Laws for Apartments

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Texas, Houston

    I recently parked behind my work truck at my apartment complex. The next morning my vehicle was gone. I called the cops, and durint their investigation it was learned the apartment complex towed my vehicle for being parked behind my other vehicle. They cited that I blocked a car in. I explained that was not the case as I have keys to both vehicles. Furthermore, my lease says that they can to a car for blocking another in. Would that mean they can tow my vehicle for me blocking me in?

    I gave the apartment manager a letter of intent to recoup damages ans she said good luck. Do I have a case?

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    Default Re: Towing Laws for Apartments

    If your lease says that they can tow a vehicle for parking another vehicle in, then that's what you agreed when you signed the lease. If there's no exception for parking in your own vehicle (and given the difficulty of investigating that, I would be surprised if any such exception were offered) then no such exception exists. I am skeptical that there is anything in relation to the parking space markings that would create confusion as to where actual parking spaces are located, or would imply that it's acceptable to park another vehicle into its spot.

    In addition to your lease languages, what (if any) signs are posted in or at the entrances to parking lots, and what do those signs say?

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    Default Re: Towing Laws for Apartments

    The language in my lease says one of the reasons a vehicle can be towed is for keeping another vehicle from exiting. As I have both sets of keys to the vehicles in question, the vehicles can readily exit if needed. Also, there are no towing signs posted. I did not obstruct any other vehicles in line of sight for exiting, or physically. I have taken pictures of this to solidify the fact should we get to the small claims court stage. The parking spaces are not marked, we just park as normal people would.

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    Default Re: Towing Laws for Apartments

    Was management aware that the work vehicle was yours, IOW was it a registered vehicle with the complex? If not, did you let them know you would be parking it overnight? Is there anything in your lease that says you are not allowed to park commercial vehicles in the complex? Some places do have those restrictions and could try and say "Well, we would have towed it anyway as commercial vehicles aren't allowed."

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