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    Default Three day eviction notice in Texas

    Well, I'm living with my mother and I guess you could say we have a verbal agreement for rent.

    I was unemployed for a few months and just recently started working again. I paid up my past due rent up as much as I could except for $100.

    Anyhow, she decided a week ago that she wanted me to move and after an argument tonight she handed me a three day eviction notice for non payment of rent.

    How am I supposed to find a place to live in three days?

    Can she really kick me out in three days?

    If not, how long will it take before I am legally forced out of the house?

    I'm sure there are different laws for different states, so if someone familiar with Texas eviction law could reply, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: Texas - Three day eviction notice

    The best I can say is that the three day notice to vacate just means basically that she wants you out. If you don't move out within those three days then she has to go through the eviction process. - the most informative site i've found

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    Default Re: Texas - Three day eviction notice

    Found website and your emails on eviction. Served with "Notice To Vacate" yesterday (8-18-06). States vacate time as: "Three (3) days from the date of this notice". Without all the details, bottom line is we will move, do not want to contest this action, but need 1 to 2 weeks to move completely out. Know landlord needs to file an eviction case with the J.P. court. Once he does this, without us negotiating any terms for resolution, will there need to be a court appearance by us even if we have moved out? If part of his case is collection of past monies, is it appropriate to work out payment arrangements at that time? Appreciate any help and also your link to

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