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    Default Simple Assault Charges in Mississippi

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Mississippi.
    My cousin was involved in a bar fight a couple of months ago. He was charged with simple assualt. He pled guilty and paid a fine and the case was closed. Punches were exchanged between my cousin and the other patron, with both recieving bloody noses and lips. Both refused medical treatment at the time of the fight. Now my cousin is worried that he may be recharged with something in the future should the other guy suffer a seizure or claim some brain injury, or worse, somewhere down the road. Since my cousin pled guilty to the simple assualt and paid the fine, is that the end of it, or could the case be reopened again in criminal court for any reason???

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    It's a done deal in the criminal courts. However, he's still a potential defendant in a CIVIL suit - for pain and suffering, disability, medical expenses, loss of earnings (past and potential FUTURE earnings of the victim), and possible punative damages up to the state statute of limitations (3 years for personal injury in MS).
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    Default Re: Simple Assault Charges in Mississippi

    Your cousin can be charged with additional charges if the DA finds cause... but I would doubt it.

    What your cousin should be worried about is CIVIL damages... if there was injury to the other party, that party may then sue your cousin for the damages. The criminal conviction will certainly aid in that suit.

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