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    Default Water Damage to Vehicle in Airport Parking Lot - Act of God or Negligence

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Missouri

    Hello, this is my first post here. I have some legal training but do not have access to any research tools at the moment. Seeking a little help.

    A good friend parked their vehicle at an Airport in St Louis Mo (using a paid parking lot) while on vacation. During his time away, a tornado devastated the terminal. Upon their return several days after the tornado, they discovered several windows busted out of the vehicle and interior water damage due to the steady rain which had been falling since the tornado/busted windows.

    Their insurance company claims that they are not covered for such damage. (Another issue for later)

    My question: Even though I am sure that there are clauses disclaiming damage occurring while parked on the company's property, does anyone else see a valid tort claim here? It seems unreasonable to pay a company for a supposedly secure parking space and then have that company watch as your vehicle is subjected to preventable water damage occurring over the course of several days, while you are out of state. Even if the act of calling in an auto-glass company for repairs is beyond their duty, a cheap tarp would have prevented a lot of damage...

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    Default Re: Liability for Water Damage Occurring in Airport Parking Lot; Act of God/Negligenc

    Nope, I can almost bet that there's fine print on that ticket you got going into the lot even specifically disclaiming any sort of bailment or responsibility for the car.
    Watching your car is not part of the contract. You're just renting the piece of concrete for a short term. Unforseen acts of god aren't negligence.

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    Default Re: Liability for Water Damage Occurring in Airport Parking Lot; Act of God/Negligenc

    And if someone stole the radio out of the car after the storm damage, the property owner wouldn't be responsible for the radio ether. You pay the company to park a vehicle at your own risk.

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    Default Re: Liability for Water Damage Occurring in Airport Parking Lot; Act of God/Negligenc

    Sue God. He is the one that caused the damage.

    Unless you had a contract with the lot people to provide some sort of repair or protection, they have no liability to do anything to the car due to the damage.

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