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    Default Misdemeanor While on Parole

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California

    If convicted of a DUI (misdemeanor) 1st time while on parole - what is the amount of time that may need to be served? Is time served in county or state for misdemeanors? How does the amount of time to be served relate to the parole aspect and the violation itself?
    I mean if the violation for example states 90 days and loss of license for X amount of time - how does that relate to amount of time as related to parole?

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    Default Re: Misdemeanor While on Parole

    To clarify, do you mean probation? Parole is what you get when you're released from prison. Were you on parole for another charge when you got the dui or did you violate parole you got for a dui?

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