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    Default What Are an Underaged Mother's Rights

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Missouri

    I have a young couple, girl is 15 and boy is 17, that want to know what their rights are as parents. The mother of the girl has made all the decisions regarding the baby. Even went as far to take the minor boy to a "lawyer" to sign a parenting plan that he did not read nor did he get a copy of. Yes these two are young but do they have rights to take care of their own child and if so where can I go to get a copy of such rights?

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    Default Re: 15 Year Old Mom Wants Answers

    And who are you?

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    Default Re: 15 Year Old Mom Wants Answers

    I am the boys mother.

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    Default Re: 15 Year Old Mom Wants Answers

    Quote Quoting memaw74
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    I am the boys mother.

    So what did dad actually sign?

    Is he actually legally established as Dad?
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    Default Re: 15 Year Old Mom Wants Answers

    the parents are still the minor children of their parents and subject to the control their parents wish to place upon their children. Regarding the baby; its parents have the rights of parents.

    has legal paternity even been established yet?

    has anybody been to court to have custody, visitation, and child support dealt with?
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