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    Default Petty Theft Charges Dismissed

    Long story short.. I'm Mexican and I got arrested in the USA (OH state) last week for ''Petty theft'' I got distracted in the store and put some stickers in my bag that I didn't pay for (I know this might sound like I did it intentionally.. but is not true, anyway) for my bad luck that policeman was a RACIST and took me to jail, they took pictures and fingerprints, I paid a bond, got out of jail and got an arraignment, the day of the arraignment the prosecutor talked to me and told me that she was going to dismiss the case.. when the Judge call my name he just told me that my case was dismissed and asked me to go to the cashier and pay like $75 for court fees.. I didn't even have to plead or anything, my question is.. is this going to affect me if I apply for a F-1 visa (student)? or should I get assist to get my case expunged before I apply for my visa?? Thank you in advance

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    Default Re: Petty Theft Charges Dismissed

    First of all, you committed a crime which you even acknowledge.

    Second, you were arrested because you were suspected of committing a crime - not because the police officer was a racist. Suspected criminals do get taken to jail and get processed. You were lucky; your case was dismissed. Do you want to have your arrest record expunged?

    You have an attitude that is unacceptable. You were a guest in the US and stole property from a merchant by your own admission. Stealing is a CIMT. Had you been convicted or plead guilty, you would have had visa issues; as now you do not.

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    Default Re: Petty Theft Charges Dismissed

    I think that the OP is a racist.

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    Default Re: Petty Theft Charges Dismissed

    Of course I know that for the cop I commited a crime.. let me explain how it was.. I went to the store and went to the back where the electronics/photo machines are, I ordered some pictures and it takes a while to get them ready.. to make some time I went to the scrapbooking area to pick some stickers I needed when I went back to the photo section I got my pictures and I PAID for them.. I grab the pictures and the stickers in my hand and looked around to see what else I needed.. by that time I was pretty sure that I had the stickers in my hand and I was going to pay for them in the front cashiers once I was finished, my mom called me from Mexico to see how was everything going etc, we started talking and she asked me to get online because my dad wanted to see me through the webcam (he doesn't live with us and I just see him once in a while when he visit us in my house in Mexico, and this time I was on vacation here in the US) I got distracted and excited to see my dad that I just wanted to come to the hotel and get online.. I put the things that I had in my hand in my purse (I didn't realize that time that I had the stickers with me) and I was looking for the car keys while I was walking to the exit door.. a man stopped me and took me to a room the cops came, arrested me and took me to jail, I paid $2,000 to get out and my Arraingment date was 2 days after that.. I talked with the prosecutor and she told me that she was going to dismiss the case, the judge called my name and he just told me that my case was dismissed and I didn't even have to plead or anything...
    And about the cop I'm not judging him, I know it is his work but he treated me like I were a murderer scaring me to death and insulting me, for some reason he has some issues and judge people just for our appearance... I tried to explain to him what happened but of course I knew that he wouldn't believe that it was an accident, again I don't judge him, he is a cop and I believe that so many people try to explain thing to him and he's not going to have a seat and see who is telling the truth and who is just lying to get out of trouble... but come on.. those where like 3 sheets of stickers, not an ipod, not a laptop. I told him that I had enough money to pay for them and I just got distracted, him answer was: ''SHUT UP! YOU GOT CAUGHT, YOU ARE IN OUR HANDS NOW AND YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS'' now after this.. do you still think that my attitude is unacceptable? I cooperated all the time with him and let me say that the cops that processed me were SO NICE! they helped me all the time and laughed when they knew what happened, telling me that it was kind of unacceptable that I was there for stickers when people out there are murderers and real criminals. I love USA and I always have had my valid tourist visa to come here and I come very often but I'm not gonna forgive or forget the way he treated me and made me feel.. and if is possible I would like to have my arrest record expugned.. Can you explain me how I to do it? I don't wanna have problems in the future because of this, specially now that I want to apply for my student visa and live here... and don't get me wrong I'm sorry if I offended you with my answer but I just wanted to explain what happened in my case.. Thank you in advance!

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