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    Default Is an Employer Responsible for Personal Property of a Fired Employee

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: California

    My girlfriend was recently fired from her job as a hair stylist. She is not debating the fact she got fired but that her personal property that was at the salon is now missing according to the employer when she went back to pick it up. Is the employer responsible for losing her property? Is there a way to get reimbursed for it?

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    Default Re: Is an Employer Responsible for Personal Property of a Fired Employee

    She can file a police report. I wouldn't be optimistic that it will be a high priority for law enforcement, though.

    What does the boss/owner say about the missing items?

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    Default Re: Is an Employer Responsible for Personal Property of a Fired Employee

    As Patty mentioned, you can certainly make a police report for the theft of the property. But, without any articulable and viable suspects it will be hard to hold anyone criminally responsible.

    You can always try to argue that her employer had a responsibility to safeguard her property when they fired her, but it will be up to her to make that argument at Small Claims court ... and it may no be all that easy an argument to make. Why didn't she take the things with her when she left? How long did she wait before coming back? Were they left in a secured place or in the open?

    What's the value of the stolen/missing property? What has the employer said about it?
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