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    Default Court Changed My Trial De Novo Date

    My question involves traffic court in the State of: California

    Brief history:
    I got traffic ticket for straddling in lane unfairly (I had just taken a right turn, I was within while boundry lane etc). The violation was for 2 lanes going in same direction, that road had only one lane going in each direction. I was driving safe. This is my first ever pullover and first ticket. I asked for warning only, cop did not listen. So, I decided to do TBD as I have 2 young kids. My TBD was denied.

    I decided to do Trial de Novo as I feel I am innocent. In my discovery I saw officer had told 5 lies, including color of my car to I am almost hitting the cars (not true). This has been giving me nightmares. I called two lawyers who said, cops do lie, and judge will take his side only. I have not much chance.

    Now my trial date was coming and today I got an mail by court clerk resting my date to 11-12 days later date. I have gotten only 4 days (6 days if I count from mailed date) warning. I am trying to figure out court rules in changing dates by cops or court, I am unable to find anything. All, I know is, if I wished to changed a date, I would have to tell 10 days prior, should cops/court have same rules? There is no reason given.

    I did not agree or sign for this date, do I still have to abide by it? what are legal things I can do? Thank you so much.

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    Default Re: Court Changed My Trial De Novo Date Themselves What is California Rules for It

    Any one? I have searched this forum to find related answers and other website, including california court law, I guess I am not finding the right info. Hopefully, someone can point me in right direction. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Court Changed My Trial De Novo Date Themselves What is California Rules for It

    Don't get snippy. This board is read by other volunteers like yourself.

    The truth is, absent some other proof, your word is less credible than the police officer.

    The legal thing you can do is show up in court, forfeit bail, or get a lawyer to do it for you.

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