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    Default Getting a Deed

    This is a confusing problem for me.
    Here is the situation.
    There is some land that has been owned by my family for many years.
    It was passed down from my grandfather to my grandmother to my aunt (mothers sister). She then sold some of it. And gave the rest to me.
    I have a notorized contract showing where she gave it to me. But we have no deed for the land that I know of. I want to get this land in my name ASAP. Recently my Aunt died. Her daughter got everything. She is not fighting my ownership of the land but doesnt know what steps to take.
    So thats my question What steps do I take next to get this land transfered?
    Is there anything I am missing?
    Thanks for your time.

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    Default Re: Getting a Deed

    You're going to have to get a deed prepared dividing the land pursuant to the contract, consistent with any zoning, land use, and partition restrictions applicable to the land, and may have to get it approved by the probate court. You're going to need a valid legal description for the parcel. Realistically, this one would be tricky for a lot of lawyers, let alone laypersons. I don't think you can avoid employing a real estate lawyer.

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