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    Default How to Obtain Court Records

    I am conducting legal research for the state of: New York

    Hi, I dont know if im in the right area for this post

    I was in an accident when I was a kid and a court appointed trust was put in place, unfortunately both my parents have passed and im living overseas so have no access to track it down.
    I think I might have found the court records (well a brief description) what I am wondering is how to track down the records and if they could help me. This was in the 1980s in NY.
    The record I have found only give brief description of date index number, plaintiff and defendant. How do I get full records and judgements (im not in US at moment)Any help would be much appreciated

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    Default Re: How to Obtain Court Records

    You can try contacting the court in which the case was heard and see if they will allow you to order the record. Generally speaking a court will require prepayment for a record and a pre-addressed envelope with sufficient postage for them to return the record to you, but court policies do vary.

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