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    Default Limits on Extradition in a Felony Warrant

    I have a felony warrant in WA state for forgery (class C felony). One warrant had previously been issued when I missed court not knowing charges had actually been file (I quit looking for charges to be filed after like 6 months after talking to the sheriff in the area). When I got OR'd I noticed the warrant stated "Extradition: IN THIS STATE ONLY". After many continuance, I got scared of the prospect of having to do prison time since I was a single parent of an infant.

    My question is, if the new warrant also says "Extradition in this state only" like the last one did (I'm assuming it does, but don't know for sure), and I'm now living in Wyoming (roughly 1,000 miles away) would it show up if I got pulled over at a traffic stop or tried to get a driver's license here (my driver's license was actually from the state of Oregon since I had moved there for school prior to knowing about the first warrant) would this warrant show up? If I'm outside the extradition area and it shows up, could I be arrested anyway? Would having the warrant prevent me from getting a license in the new state?

    I know I should take care of the issue, and I plan to when my child is old enough to understand that I have to go away for a while but will come back. Until then I need to try to keep my family together.

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    Default Re: Limits on Extradition in a Felony Warrant

    I can't see the warrant from here, but if a state issues a warrant that indicates its scope is limited "to this state only" the reasonable inference is that the pickup radius is statewide.

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