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    Default Kicking Out Uncontrollable 17 Year Old in Tennessee

    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: tennessee

    I have a 17 yr old male child who is all but uncontrollable.
    he is constantly bringing home stolen goods and we have had to lock up every room in the house to keep him out. I have strong idea he is using drugs. he has been kicked out of school for threatening to kill teachers and students. i just want him gone.

    Can i kick him out at 17 years old in tennessee?
    do i have to allow him to take any property with him?

    aside from clothes i want him to take nothing from my house. he has never worked and has never recieved an allowance, he couldnt act well enough for 7 days in a row to earn allowance. so he has never purchased anything for himself.

    thank you


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    Default Re: Kicking Out Uncontrollable 17 Year Old in Tennessee

    You are still responsible for him until he is 18.

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    Default Re: Kicking Out Uncontrollable 17 Year Old in Tennessee

    Astute reporting of possession of such stolen goods can eventually have the effect of someone ELSE removing him from the home and giving him some time at the Gray Bar Hotel. At least you'll know where he is and that he's being fed and watched over.
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