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    Default AT&T Easement Breach of Contract

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Michigan

    When purchasing our home, we agreed to an easement with AT&T that was with the previous owners. They needed further access a few years later.

    We settled on the contract and payment. But now they have broken that contract
    by putting two more boxes on the 25ft by 25ft space. I read the contract over again.
    It clearly states that they only have permission to maintain or replace the original box, not install two more.

    It further states that we are to be contacted for any major work. Also it states, they
    are to protect as much of the trees as possible and no permanent roadway.

    They destroyed an excessive amount of trees and other property damage. They did not
    even clean up any debris.

    Is this a case I should take to an attorney?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Default Re: AT&T Easement Breach of Contract

    what has AT&T said about any of this?

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    Default Re: AT&T Easement Breach of Contract

    I have not been able to contact anybody who is willing to give me answers. I just keep getting the run around. The original box was a one time payment of $3000.00.
    They did not even do the work. They contracted it out to a third party.

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    Default Re: AT&T Easement Breach of Contract

    I have not been able to contact anybody who is willing to give me answers.
    You need to take further steps to get their attention. I would suggest sending them a certified letter noting that their subcontractor improperly placed a non-allowed facility which trespasses on your property, and that you have your own contractor who will be removing the improperly placed facilities if the you do not hear from them within 21 days (or whatever), and that you will be billing them for the costs.

    This will get their attention. Once you have them in a conversation, a solution can be found.

    I have seen this situation in the past. An informed property owner can get this resolved favorably.

    Good Luck!

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