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    Default Hotel Owner Evicting Long Term Guest

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: Connecticut

    I am a hotel owner in Ct with a long term guest(well over 30 days) who has stopped paying his rent for the past 4 weeks. He refuses to work with me or give me any answers, turns out he did the same thing at his last residence, let the eviction process drag out and milk as much time as he can before he leaves. That's well and fine, Ive already began the eviction process, but in the mean time I was thinking of cutting the cable television that goes to his hotel room. Obviously all utilities like electricity and heat would not be touched, but can I, as a hotel business mind you, go ahead and cut the cable service I provide to his room?

    Any answers or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Hotel Owner Evicting Long Term Guest

    This is, then, a long-term stay type of hotel? Are we talking weekly rent? Monthly?

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