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    Default Felony Warrants Over Seas Travel

    My question involves an arrest warrant from the State of: WI and germany
    if someones got some felony drug warrants i kno they might get denied a passport due to NCIC BUT if that person applies for a passport and is approved then they should be fine to travel abroad correct? Im pretty sure (from my limited understanding) that at the terminal they only check for NCIC but im not exact..any help on this topic would be great..also with nationwide extradition warrants how likely is it that person would get extradtied from germany with police contact?

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    Default Re: Felony Warrants Over Seas Travel

    If the person in question manages to get out of the country, it is unlikely WI will want to spend the money to extradite them from a European country. Unlikely but ya never can tell. If the person has contact with German authorities, and it is also drug-related, they had better pray the Germans just deport their worthless butt. Germany is incredibly harsh on drug offenses, even MJ. If the person has non-drug related contact with the Germans and they find out about the warrants, they will most likely deport the person.

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    Default Re: Felony Warrants Over Seas Travel

    but how easy would it be for german authorities to find that out?i wouldnt think that tyhey simply do international criminal background checks for evey person they pull over or happen to talk to would they>?

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    Default Re: Felony Warrants Over Seas Travel

    Only THEY can answer that.
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