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    Default How Long Should It Take to Get Refund Check from a Dismissed Traffic Case

    My question involves traffic court in the State of: California


    Thanks to the great advice I received from this site I won my traffic case! But now, I am wondering why it is taking soooo long to get a refund check from the clerks's office. At the time of my trial the judge dismissed my case based on "Untimely Manner" by the clerks office. The judge said I would receive my refund in "about 30 days". It is now approaching 90 days and no check. I have sent 2 registered letters to the clerks office and they were ignored. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: How Long Should It Take to Get Refund Check from a Dismissed Traffic Case

    Did the court enter a written order for the refund?

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    Default Re: How Long Should It Take to Get Refund Check from a Dismissed Traffic Case

    In my county, it's running 6 - 10 weeks to have a refund processed....

    I can't remember it EVER being a 30 day turn around over here.
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    Default Re: How Long Should It Take to Get Refund Check from a Dismissed Traffic Case

    Yes - the judge gave me a copy of the dismissal which states "bail posted to be refunded". Would it help to call them or would I just piss them off. They have delayed EVERY step in this ticket's cycle. I got this ticket in October 2009 and it took almost a year to get a trial date. The judge dismissed the case because the clerks' office failed to comply with the 45 day limit to set a trial de novo. Could they be delaying because the dismissal was their fault?

    Why does it take so long to process a simple refund? I KNOW if I was 1 day late in submitting ANY form to the clerk's office, they would NOT allow me any leeway. I have been courteous and considerate but they just ignore me. Any ideas why? I'm just curious how this whole court system works. I design computer based accounting systems for companies and if a company was this negligent in handling matters, they would be out of business is a hurry!

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