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    Default Lost Original Power of Attorney

    My question involves a power of attorney in the state of: TX

    We have managed to lose the original power of attorney to my wife for the benefit of her mother, who has dementia. We have copies, but no original. We need to sell her home to pay for her care. Title company states they must see original. Is there anything we can do short of guardianship?

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    Default Re: Lost Original Power of Attorney

    I very much doubt it.

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    Default Re: Lost Original Power of Attorney

    Does it matter that many government agencies and financial institutions have seen the original financial POA when they accepted copies?

    (We do have the original of the medical POA so there should not be any issues with medical questions requiring urgent action.)

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    Default Re: Lost Original Power of Attorney

    It is entirely up to the person you are working with as to what proof of the power they will accept. You can try reasoning with them, but you can't force them to accept it.

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