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    Default Can I Sue a Magistrate or a Office Clerk in a Court House

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: Airzona Hi I have a real problem here I was arested and put in prison for no reason. I was arrested during my plee hearing witch I pleaded guility for disruption of a court room. The judge threw out my plee and went ballistic on me and had me put in prison, not jail but Kingman prison. It was proving that I did nothing wrong in court at any time, we have both audio and video of the whole thing and all the charges have been dropped. I had to get a lawyer because I was so scared this judge was going to put me back in jail for a long time. My Lawyer has filed a complaint with the Judicial misconduct review board in Arizona. and it looks like he will be either reprimanded or taken off the bench . He is a magistrate and not a judge. Also a clerk in the office started all the problems in the first place when he came out from behind a glass window and came in the waiting area and confronted me in a threating manner. I feel none of this would not have happened at all. I have never been Arested in my life and this has been very traumatic to me and my family. In more way that I can write about . So what in need to know is can I sue the Judge and the clerk .

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    Default Re: Can I Sue a Magistrate or a Office Clerk in a Court House

    In a word NO.

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    Default Re: Can I Sue a Magistrate or a Office Clerk in a Court House

    From what you've told us so far, you do not appear to have a viable case. Talk to your lawyer.

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