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    Default F-1 Visa Student Denied Entry from Vacation Trip


    I guess the state would be Vermont or NY?

    I am currently on an F-1 visa studying at a community college. I would like to visit Canada, specifically Quebec, just for vacation/pleasure. However, my school is refusing to endorse my I-20 for travel because they said in the past students were denied entry into the US for short international trips during the semester. They say the only time that is "safe" for a F-1 student to travel is during the summer break.

    I just want to ask all out there, has there been a case where a F1 student had valid papers, valid passports, everything legitimate getting denied entry into the US after a weekend pleasure trip simply because it is during the school semester? Is this even possible?


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    Default Re: F-1 Visa Student Denied Entry from Vacation Trip

    No foreign national is ever guaranteed entry into the US. Denial of entry is certainly possible in the circumstances you describe. Your DSO is in the best person to know if it has been a problem with students from your school in the past.

    Your DSO has a policy; you either follow the policy or return home or transfer to another school.

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