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    Question Can I Travel Abroad Pending Criminal Case

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: AR

    Person currently out on bail on internet stalking of a child charges, pending next court date. Question is, can this individual travel abroad (i.e. Mexico) and have any issues getting back into the US. Note this individual is an American citizen with valid passport. Question not whether bond allows it, but would the border patrol have access to this info, and if so, would they allow back into country w/o any problems? Would be driving back into the US, and also this is a state case not federal.

    Would appreciate the help!

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    Default Re: Can I Travel Abroad Pending Criminal Case

    As far as I know, CBP does not have access to a list of who in out on bond and the conditions of that bond. This person should be abiding by the terms of their bond. Period. There are no "I'm special I oughta be able to"s. That being said, IF the court were to find out about said visit, this person could expect the following:

    Bond revoked (that'll make whoever put it up happy) and placed in jail (IMHO under the jail would be peachy too) until trial.
    Possible charge of attempting to flee prosecution.

    How would they find out? Random visit at home, just to check up. Family member of victim keeping an eye out. DA decides to move something up, contacts your attorney. You don't know where he is? Bet the DA would leave smoke trails going to the courthouse to revoke your bond. Concerned citizen tracking YOU down and reporting this inquiry to local authorities. Wish I had those kinds of skills.

    Is it just me, or is anyone else curious why a person facing charges involving a child is wanting to leave the country after being charged?

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