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    Default Effect of a Lien on a Life Tenant

    Someone is threatening to put a lien on the house that I live in. I only have a life estate interest. It is a counter claim in retaliation for my law suit against them.

    Can a lien be attached to a life estate tenant

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    Default Re: Effect of a Lien on a Life Tenant

    They probably can impose a judgment lien against your life estate, but you'll have to investigate the laws of your undisclosed state. As you were told when you posted, laws are different in each state. Some states are reluctant to allow liens against real estate unless the judgment somehow relates to the real estate, while others give broad authority to obtain liens against a judgment debtor's property.

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    Default Re: Effect of a Lien on a Life Tenant

    I'm in Texas. But what I'm saying is... I don't own this house. I'm just a life tenant. I have no actual interest that I can pass on. It doesn't make sense. Could someone put a lien on any tenant???... living anywhere

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