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    Default Can I Get Temporary Custody of My Cousin's Child

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Florida

    My cousin has a 13 year old daughter. When she was 2 weeks old, he and bio mom gave temporary custody to his parents (grandparents). Bio mom has been out of the picture since then and contacts the child every few years. Bio dad (my cousin) has been in her life but she has not lived with him.

    Bio dad is now in jail in Fl. He no longer wants his 13 year old daughter to reside with his parents. There is some mental abuse such as the grandmother threatening to send the child to foster care whenever she gets angry and telling her that she is not wanted. If the child does not want to go to school, they let her stay home. Her grades are poor and they do not give her structure. Bio dad fears that she will get into trouble if she stays there.

    He would like for her to live with me. (I reside in GA) The child is willing to come, but the grandparents will fight it.

    What needs to be done for the bio dad to revoke the previous consent for temporary custody and place her with me? Can this be done without bio mom's consent? Her whereabouts are unknown.

    I found a form online that would allow custody to be given to a relative but it requires consent from both bio parents. That's not going to happen since she is in the wind.

    Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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    Default Re: Can I Get Temporary Custody of My Cousin's Child

    There's a big hurdle for you to cross in trying to take guardianship, in that you live outside of the jurisdiction of the court. The court may not want to cede its jurisdiction. If you want to seek guardianship, I suggest retaining a lawyer in Florida to assist you with the petition and presentation of your case.

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