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    Question Is a Parking Ticket for VC 4000(A) Correctable

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: CA
    Ok, so my old car didn't pass its smog check, and although I paid for my registration, I wouldn't get the tag until I passed the smog check. The part my car needed to pass the smog check cost more than the car was worth so I decided to buy a new car. I park my new car in my drive way and parked my old car on the street in the city of Altadena, CA. Within two days of doing so I received a parking ticket for 4000(a) by the la county sheriffs parking enforcement. It says on the ticket that registration violations may be reduced to $10 if proof of correction is provided, but after speaking to the customer service rep, I was informed that the practice was stopped as of Feb 2010. So my question is, if getting a ticket from a police officer for expired registration is correctable, how is it that getting a ticket from parking enforcement isn't? Shouldn't CVC 40303.5 also apply?

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    Default Re: Is a Parking Ticket for VC 4000(A) Correctable

    How would VC 40303.5 have any relevance?
    Quote Quoting VC Sec. 40303.5. Notice to Correct Violation for Specified Infractions
    Whenever any person is arrested for any of the following offenses, the arresting officer shall permit the arrested person to execute a notice containing a promise to correct the violation in accordance with the provisions of Section 40610 unless the arresting officer finds that any of the disqualifying conditions specified in subdivision (b) of Section 40610 exist:
    (a) Any registration infraction set forth in Division 3 (commencing with Section 4000).

    (b) Any driver's license infraction set forth in Division 6 (commencing with Section 12500), and subdivision (a) of Section 12951, relating to possession of driver's license.

    (c) Section 21201, relating to bicycle equipment.

    (d) Any infraction involving equipment set forth in Division 12 (commencing with Section 24000), Division 13 (commencing with Section 29000), Division 14.8 (commencing with Section 34500), Division 16 (commencing with Section 36000), Division 16.5 (commencing with Section 38000), and Division 16.7 (commencing with Section 39000).

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    Default Re: Is a Parking Ticket for VC 4000(A) Correctable

    Quote Quoting Mr. Knowitall
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    How would VC 40303.5 have any relevance?
    I'm saying how can a registration infraction be correctable when given by a peace officer, but not when given by parking enforcement? It makes no sense to me that, according to the LA County Parking Enforcement, they stopped allowing expired registration to be a correctable offense since Feb. of this year.

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