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    Default How Do I File a Notice of Compliance for Discovery in a Judgement

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Florida

    Sigh...I have no clue where to go from here...

    I used to live in DC - got divorced at end of 2004 and that's when the debt started - details of sob story are irrelevant; ex enjoyed filing "motion of the month" for three years and results in my being forced to sell house and leave the area (more personal stuff); I remarried and moved to Florida in Sept '08 and was unemployed until Feb '10; in the meantime I bought a house with my portion of the DC house sale 6/09, husband started a business I was supposed to work for 9/09, by 1/10 I could no longer pay cc or most bills; business very slow, no steady revenue, my job is part-time with irregular hours (all I could find in this economy) and awful pay;around $80K cc debt and the usual expenses for maintaining home and business; Amex filed and was granted Summary Judgment for $12K; others sure to follow; no mortgage but office rent is now 2 months behind; IRA and SEP from DC were exhausted to get by to this point and I owe taxes and penalties for early is:

    I have to file a notice of compliance with the clerk of court on the fact sheet AX's attorneys requested - I've checked all the pro bono resources I could think of and can't get any help on what the "notice of compliance" is exactly and if there's a form I need to use. I know Pinellas County has a Self-Help Center but they only handle small claims.

    RE: Bankruptcy--apparently, since I haven't owned my home in Florida for 40 months, I don't have the full advantage of the homestead exemption
    Also: I'm only 54, too young for SocSec but not old enough for reverse mortgage; college educated but can't find a job

    Other than jumping off a bridge ( I'm afraid of heights), shooting myself (hate guns, don't have one and can't afford one), etc., etc. - you get the picture, what possible hope is there of ever getting out of this mess? If it weren't for my two boys....I wouldn't see the point of hanging on---and this is how I feel with using antidepressants!

    Thanks in advance to anyone who has some positive thoughts on this.

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    Default Re: How Do I File a Notice of Compliance for Discovery in a Judgement

    I expect you're talking about the type of document described in these cases; that would not appear to be a standard form, but instead appears to be a pleading in which you document to the court how you have fully complied with discovery and any associated court orders.

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    Default Re: How Do I File a Notice of Compliance for Discovery in a Judgement

    Mr. Knowitall-Thanks for the response. You are correct regarding the type of document, I believe. Since there doesn't appear to be a standard form is there some standard wording I can use other than what you stated in your reply? I reference the case number, write a paragraph about complying by submitting the documents requested to the parties indicated, get it notarized and give it to the filing clerk?
    I spoke with Amex yesterday and was told the post-judgement people would be attacking (sorry, I meant contacting) within the next month. He also explained to me why AX handles collections differently from bank credit cards - that was interesting. Even he had to admire how aggressive they were--what a terrible job to have.
    Thanks again.

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