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    Default Can a Mother Leave State Without Permission of Father

    Ok my ex girlfriend and i have a child together and have separated and have been apart for two years my daughter is now two and half years old we have never went thru court for anything we have made are own planned visits and such, i see my kid all the time and love my kid she has never wanted money from me and i have never asked her for anything when my daughter is with her she takes care of her when she is with me i take care of her im on the birth certificate and signed the affidavit of parentage. So do you think if i file for an injuction and we go to courts that she will be able to move?

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    Default Re: Can a Mother Leave State Without Permission of Father

    please list your state.

    for general purposes, you and mom should've gotten a court order in the first place. i think that if you and mom are in such good terms, then she wouldn't mind maybe giving you 50/50 (or whatever you would like) while the kid is still young even if she moves farther away from you. if she is not able to agree to what you like or be reasonable about things, then you need to file for custody and ask the courts what you would like. i would assume that if you and mom have been 50/50 or agreeable to this point, there is no reason to stop this.
    as of right now there is no court order, and frankly mom can move anywhere she damn well pleases because honestly you have no visitation.
    i have heard that sometimes if mom and you make an agreement up then you can have it notarized and signed by the judge... lessening the hassle of having the courts deciding your fate... but either way you need a binding court order.

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    Default Re: Can a Mother Leave State Without Permission of Father

    Seriously OP - your state is CRITICAL in this matter.

    Some require notification only.

    Some require a hearing.

    Some require the CP to justify why the move is in the best interest of the child...and some require that the NCP justify why the move is NOT in the best interest of the child.
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