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    Default Reduced Hours for Light Duty Work After On-the-Job Injury

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Oregon

    My company is self insured but they go through a company to report all this stuff and I haven't got anything from them yet. The doctor released me right away onto light duty with a 25lb lifting restriction. Since it happened the company decided to put my down to 5 hours a day while on "light duty" instead of the 8 I thought it was supposed to be. I was working 10 to 12 hours a day with OT after 8 until it happened(just to give you an idea of the drastic pay change). I wouldn't sweat it except I don't think I can pay the bills on only 5 hours a day. I'm in Oregon and the company is too. Is their another step I need to take? I think this is more a case of the boss possibly not knowing what the laws are rather then trying to screw me out of money to get me back to work sooner. Anyone have any knowledge in this area? I can't seem to find the specific info I'm looking for regarding this in my searches...

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    Default Re: Reduced Hours for Light Duty Work After On-the-Job Injury

    If your employer only has five hours per day to offer you of light duty work, then that's what your employer has to offer.

    You may be eligible for a partial wage loss benefit based upon your reduced income. Check with workers' comp.

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