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    Default Out of State with Expired Tags

    My question involves towing laws for the State of: Florida

    I temporarily moved to Florida and just received a warning sticker on my car, in the private apt. complex where I live. It warned me that my car will be towed if my tags aren't renewed. I didn't know my tags were expired until I saw the warning. I immediately called the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles(where my car and license are registered) and renewed my sticker over the phone. They stated that I would receive the sticker in the mail within a week. I told my condo office of my circumstances but they are threatening that I might still be towed even though they know its in the mail. I feel they are being greedy and just want to get their profit from the tow company that they hired. Is that legal even though I told them it is on the mail and I'm from another state so I can't get it immediately?

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    anybody can claim "the check is in the mail"

    Have you shown them proof of your payment to the Illinois DMV?

    and why are you even getting Illinois plates. If you temporarily moved to Florida, that means you need to be registering you car in Florida.

    Is that legal even though I told them it is on the mail
    sure is. Until that sticker is actually on the vehicle, you are not displaying a valid tag so they can tow the car.

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