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    Default Access to Parking Spot

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Florida
    The condo building where I lease recently changed the access rules for the parking lot. Previously access to the parking lot was by remote control. Now, the Condo Association states that we must afix a barcode sticker to our car, limiting the vehicle that can park in our spot to one. I understand that I have one spot in the parking lot, and that I can only use my assigned spot, but I feel like I should be able to park whatever I want in it. Furthermore, I am a military member and I often get deployed for a few weeks to a month, I used to give my friends my remote so that they could park in my spot and go take care of my apartment/water plants, check mail, etc. I can no longer do this because of the new policy. I asked the condo association for an exception and they were not willing to assist me. Do I have any recourse, do I have a property interest in my parking spot that prohibits the action of limiting my access so severely? What laws govern this and what can I do? Please help.

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    Default Re: Access to Parking Spot

    do I have a property interest in my parking spot that prohibits the action of limiting my access so severely?
    most likely not, especially since you are but a renter.

    the only argument I see is you being able to park any car of yours in your designated spot. I can't cite you any laws to support your right but common sense would support that. The only justification I can imagine for the strict rule is that somebody has abused the privilege and parked one car in their spot and another of their cars in somebody else's spot. The new rule is about the only way to assure this does not happen.

    if the condo rules do not allow visitors to park in your spot, that's the rules you will have to abide by.

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