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    Unhappy How Can I Appeal a Custody Case when Custody Was Granted to the Grandparents

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: virginia

    i am a loving mother of an amazing child.his father had been incarcerated and i was granted sole,legal and physical custody of the child. the paternal grandparents filed for cutody stating that it was in best interest of the child.they brought in photos as evidence,but while looking at the photos i could tell the dates were wrong.they were picture of what the house had looked like while the father was home and i was working full time paying all the bills on my own.i could tell the dates were incorect. also the witnesses had gone on stand and lied under oath in order to protect their voice was never heard.the GAL never met with the child or visited my home-if she had she would have found it to be a very safe,healthy,loving environment for the child.i had requested a CASA but did not get one.i had also requested the paternal grandmother get a mental evaluation because she is mentally unstable but that did not happen either.i have started seeing someone new but they were not really conserned about that.they had very selfish reasons for what they did. what is the next best move?i plan to appeal..but will my voice be heard? grandparents lawer,GAL for child,GAL fpr father and the judge seem to be in a buddy system..i feel as though i was pinned against and attacked/ help please!


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    Default Re: How Can I Appeal a Custody Case when Custody Was Granted to the Grandparents

    You absolutely NEED an attorney.

    The GAL works only in the best interests of the child; if it has been decided that you or your home is unfit, then you need an attorney to help you.

    I'm sorry - but there's really not an awful lot a message board (even one as good as this) can do for you.
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