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    Question Do Employers Have to Give You a Copy of Your Time Cards

    The state this pertains to is Colorado.I was wondering do employers have to give you a copy of your time cards if you ask for them? I was just fired and the owner of the small privately owned hotel I worked at is dishonest about his business practices to say the least. I am going to turn him in for not paying me over time,including holidays that he just flat out said he wasnt going to pay holiday pay for, Ive requested my last 2 years time cards from the lady who handled that (they dont know thats why I asked), I havent heard back yet but I was wondering do they have to give them to me and if they refuse is there anyone who I can call to help me? I know they still have them Im just know hes going to be a jerk about things. I worked there 6 years but the employment place said they could only go back 2 years for unpaid overtime....

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    Default Re: Do Employers Have to Give You a Copy of Your Time Cards

    No, they do not. If they have any brains, they'll know why you're asking. File the claim with your best estimates.

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