My question involves insurance law for the state of: NY

Spouse and I have two vehicles insured, we had automatic debit for payments, our checking account info was compromised and we had placed a stop on the account back in January, we transfered the automatic payment to another checking account for the next monthly payment which was paid, the next one did not go thru. We thought it went thru, apparently it did not, we wound up with a 16 day lapse so we now have 2 cars that have suspended registrations which the letter says starting May 26th. Insurance company submitted the new info, so we are insured, but still have to deal with this 16 days without our only means of getting to work. Both of us travel for work, no public transportation available. So cant work. We have a kid in college who has to be brought home 200 miles right smack in the middle of this suspension. One of the vehicles is a lease which ends in June, we can turn it in early, and planned on getting another vehicle. If we turn it in before the 26th with plates, can we get a new lease or are we screwed here also?
I am completely confused and it almost seems as if NY purposefully is not clear in the wording of their suspension letters as to what is our financial penalty in all of this. We cant use the civil penalty we had AIG back in the fall of 2008 when they were collapsing, they dropped NY drivers, or rather raised rates from 1800/yr to 7000 and put us into a mad scramble to find another company we went less than 24 hours without and had to use our one time penalty.
Are we required to turn in the plates for the 16 days? No we wont be driving the cars, our luck we would get caught, but turning them in(of course the DMV office they told us to turn them in is about 50 miles away versus the one only 7 miles away) we cant get there or back since we have suspended registrations.

Any suggestions as to avoid this or are we doomed to loss of 2 weeks pay for both of us? Geico reinstated our policy with the same policy # as before.