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    Default Daughter Part Time at Sisters

    My daughter will be staying during the week at my sisters house as she is close to the school she attends. We have moved out of the town and do not want to disrupt her in her school (she's 16) We would like our daughter to stay with my sister but only during 4 days per week. What do we need to give my sister so that she can legally be her guardian during the time she is stays with her....but yet we remain her full legal guardian.

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    Default Re: Daughter Part Time at Sisters

    You should check with your daughter's school to make sure that your daughter will continue to meet its residency requirements. If you will be living in another town, they may wish that your sister be a full guardian. Beyond that, you should be able to fashion a limited guardianship form that does what you wish. You shouldn't have to go through the courts, although you may wish to seek legal help in drafting the document. Laws vary by state.

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